About Us

Our Story

Cynthia Cox along with Norma Castellanos took public Oath to care and provide the best medicine and health care possible to people in need. La Hoja Verde is my greatest passion, helping other get well is my journey in life. as I, myself began healing and receiving benefits from Cannabis I knew I had to educate and share the experiences that I was having. Only when I knew that I had found the best products at reasonable, affordable prices, did I decide to start searching for others that I knew would benefit from Cannabis as well. After operating my pharmacy for 20 years, I began to see the potential of Cannabis and Hemp Products. As more research is being conducted on Cannabis and its healing properties on various conditions. I decided it was time to educate the public and get the news out that Marijuana is a NOT a drug, rather its a natural medicine that helps with many ailments. She has a diploma from the University of Houston Pharmacist, Houston Academy of Cannabis and has dedicated her life to raising awareness about the health benefits of CBD.

What Makes Us Special

What makes us stand out from other CBD companies is the fact that we not only provide Outstanding customer relations; we absolutely pamper each and every person.We provide Concierge, consultation CBD services, meaning we come to you where ever, or whenever you need us to educate, or deliver products, or you can order online. You can be confident the product you purchased is delivering health benefits that you are expecting. Giving you complete peace of mind. Unsatisfied customers can return any unused portion of their product within 14 days of purchase and receive a in store credit. Buds training is our program for every new customer to ensure 100% satisfaction, with a 15% discount. Our training is called BUDS:

B: Belief about CBD

U: Understanding

D: Discretion

S: Strategy

We listen to each and every customer to recognize their needs and deliver accordingly.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to increase CBD awareness through our Cannabis Resource Center where we talk about the benefits of hemp. We believe in providing high quality and safe products with guaranteed CBD concentrations that are accessible and affordable to everyone.